Women Under The Sun International Community Liaison

As an exclusive Women Under The Sun International Community Liaison, you will help facilitate communication, engagement, and growth, as we make impactful decisions at an international level. The Liaisons will work together to identify notable guest speakers, give input re: WUTS (Women Under The Sun) events, and help choose world projects in which we can be involved.

Collectively we can detect collaborative opportunities to help our organization receive the maximum benefit possible for Women Under The Sun International. As women business leaders in our own communities, our combined knowledge, expertise in communication, and experience in cooperation will help nurture a close working relationship among our members, organizations and business partners.

This new WUTS membership level—ICL (International Community Liaison)—is an exceptional opportunity for personal and business growth. We hope you will join us on our journey as a Women Under The Sun International Community Liaison!

Meet Our Team

Kim Adair

Kim Adair

Advertising and marketing have been parts of Kim’s career path since she was 25. She started as a photographer’s agent in Manhattan, working with some of the largest ad agencies in the world, many of which were located on Madison Avenue. Kim also successfully ran several small businesses in Idaho and Colorado. 

When she landed in Colorado, Kim went back to what she loved best; she was hired as a lead advertising executive for a popular magazine. She also freelanced for the local newspaper. Given room for her creative thinking, many of her ideas for small business and leadership campaigns benefitted both companies. 

In 2006, while still under the age of 50, Kim was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Feeling passionate that everyone should be screened for all cancers, she created her own colorectal cancer organization (Butt Check), which has helped saved hundreds of lives. Kim’s non-profit is aligned with many of the national cancer organizations. She is especially grateful for, and is involved with Stand Up To Cancer, founded by eight notable women, including Katie Couric.

Kim says “I truly believe the sky is the limit for women to do anything they set out to do, no matter what their age.  Together, we can make a difference in the world!”

Denise Meridith

Denise Meridith

Denise was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was one of three women to earn a degree in wildlife biology in her graduating class from Cornell University. Two weeks later she became the first woman professional hired by the US Department’s Bureau of Land Management (111M). She also has an MPA (Organizational Behavior) from University of Southern California and a certificate in economics from Berkeley.

Denise’s career is highlighted in two of her books available on Amazon. “Thoughts While Chillin’ “ is about her early life and government career. “The Year a Roof Rat Ate My Dishwasher: An Arizona Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs” deals with the business and non-profit challenges and opportunities in Arizona.

Media & Communications

Denise’s forte is communications. She teaches online communications & leadership courses for Cornell, and live sports marketing classes for ASU. Denise has been been a part-time journalist for 20 years, writing for the Phoenix Business journal, Arizona Republic, Examiner.com and many other magazines & publications. Denise helps companies with recruitment and helps individuals and businesses with media relations.


Past awards have included: Top 100 Phoenix Leaders; Phoenix Business Journal’s Top Women Business Leaders; Denise Meridith Day in Phoenix; first-ever BLM Legend’s Award; and Phoenix Award Hall of Fame (Consulting Services).

Richard H. Webb - Author, motivator, health coach.

Richard H. Webb

Richard is the author of the “Fat Burning Secrets” series of books on Amazon, the founder of Web By Webb Digital Marketing, former natural bodybuilder competitor, and blogger of health and fitness, technology, and travel.

He was born in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Texas State University in 1987. He moved to San Diego to pursue a career in software development. He received his M.S. from National University in La Jolla, CA in 2000. 

In 2016 he moved to Mexico and continues to be an influencer and motivator in the field of health and fitness with his books, online courses, and coaching. He also continues to be active in his digital marketing agency.

Deirdre D. Dickson- Gilbert is a phenomenal woman with a phenomenal story. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the only daughter of Lovella “Hayes” Dickson. At an early age she was exposed to the arts and desired to emulate those who dominated center stage.

Deirdre D. Dickson-Gilbert

Deirdre D. Dickson- Gilbert is a phenomenal woman with a phenomenal story. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the only daughter of Lovella “Hayes” Dickson. At an early age she was exposed to the arts and desired to emulate those who dominated center

Her mother was a key influence in her life who as a community activist exposed Deirdre to the many facets of living a successful life as a public servant. Combine that with Deirdre’s mastery of writing books, plays, and songs and you have the makings of a 21st Century
Renaissance woman.

In 2007, Deirdre released her first book entitled “Can I Just Have a Little Bit? A Little Bit of What! She is an avid speaker for groups such as book clubs, churches, and professional, civic and community organizations. She has been featured in Saved Magazine along with other powerful women in ministry such as Joyce Meyers, Beautifully Said Magazine, and the African American Newspaper and in 2018 and 2020 featured in Bronze Magazine. She has been mentioned in Harper’s Magazine by Ralph Nader a strong advocate for justice. Deirdre received professional recognition in Women on the Move section of the Houston Business Journal. She has been mentioned in Washington Post, Stat News and several online publications. Deirdre debuted in her first stage play “What a Man What a Man,” produced, written and directed by acclaimed gospel artist Mona Moore.

The first love of her life, her daughter Jocelyn, is the inspiration for her latest memoir, “Momma, Help Me Please.” It is a touching story recounting her 22-year fight for her daughter’s right to life. In honor of her deceased daughter, she has become an advocate for families with children who have C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome and those who have experienced medical negligence. She is the founder of the Jocelyn Dickson Foundation that supports and promotes scholarships for students who pursue a medical career as well as supporting children with disabilities. She is also the National Director for National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association that she started in 2013. She was instrumental in getting the first proclamation in 2013 recognizing July as Medical Malpractice Month. In 2015 State Representative, Ron Reynolds (TX) presented Deirdre’s accomplishment with a Resolution, recognizing July as Medical Malpractice Month. In 2019, State Representative Ron Reynolds spearheaded a resolution garnishing HR 614 as a permanent document of the 86th Texas Legislative Session.  Since then the organization has been given recognition from State of Missouri Governor Jeremiah W. Nixon, State of Colorado John Hickenlooper, and State of Georgia Nathan Deal. The organization has also received several congressional, state and local recognition. Deirdre also created the first PSA that aired on Harkins movie screens across the states September 2016, promoting and educating the public on “Preventable Medical Mistakes.”

This journey began with the struggle for justice for her daughter who succumbed to medical negligence. Twenty-two (22) years her daughter fought valiantly to win every medical challenge known to man, but that was no value to society. NMMAA a non-partisan educational organization was created to promote transparency, integrity in the medical profession, and accountability.

Through our educational endeavor, NMMAA advocates high standards of ethics and morality ensuring non-abuse of powers entrusted to the profession by the American people. Deirdre simply says, “This is our ultimate goal.” As National Director, Deirdre provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the organization and manages the staff and volunteers nationally. This journey also led to the first Blog Talk Show “Life” Radio Show that focused on “victims” of medical malpractice and then rebranded with another show called “Med/Mal Radio Show-What’s Your Verdict.”

Deirdre reached a milestone when she was asked to speak at the Whistleblower’s Summit in Washington, DC 2016 at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings about the devastating effects of medical malpractice. She also spearheaded the nation’s 1st Medical Malpractice Conference that convened medical professionals, attorneys, civil rights leaders, social justice organizations, patient safety advocates and legislative leaders. She also reached another milestone when she threw her hat in the political ring and decided to run for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Fort Bend County. Although unsuccessful but not by far, she plans to run again in 2020. 

In 2022, Deirdre was one of eight (8) black females to run for Governor. Deirdre ran for Governor in Texas. Her struggle with getting anyone to hear the voice of reason as it related to laws being made in Texas, Deirdre threw her hat in the ring and said “I will do it.” This was another unsuccessful attempt, but it forced her to write and produced the new documentary, “The Unprincipled.”

This documentary was birthed when once again Deirdre was faced with corruption and cover-ups. The documentary has been awarded the 2023 Award Winner, Brilliant Women in Film and as an Official Selection at the Whistleblower Summit Festival in July 2023. Deirdre made her debut premiere in Houston, TX on July 9, 2023 at the TBH Center. In July 2023, Deirdre was chosen to be the Women Under The Sun International Community Liaison for Texas, where she can help to facilitate, engage and grow impactful decisions at an international level. In addition, Deirdre received news that she would become the Congressional Spokesperson on the Congressional TV Network of Zondra TV Network.

Deirdre has worked tirelessly with The Government Accountability Project, The Black Heritage Society, Greater Houston Coalition for Justice, Make It Safe Campaign, The National Association for Probate Reform & Advocacy, NAACP-Health Chair Committee Missouri City Chapter, National Action Network to create the first medical malpractice health initiative, National Congress of Black Women, and State of Texas Sunset Advisory Committee. She has spoken before the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress in Washington D.C on civil rights. Deirdre has helped to shape legislation regarding whistleblowers, medical malpractice, and education. Deirdre is not afraid of a battle and is willing to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. In addition to helping those in her community, state, local and national, she also works for a non-profit that help
veteran’s find employment.

Deirdre is married to Kurt Gilbert and has a son Kameron Gilbert.

Latasha McNeil is the founder of The Varnadoe Group

Latasha McNeil

Latasha McNeil is the founder of The Varnadoe Group, a boutique business consulting firm that assists small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with categorizing problems and establishing business trajectory. She also remains in corporate America as an Assistant Controller for a real estate developer, Tellus Group LLC. She has been newly appointed to the board of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of NAWBO as the Director of Marketing and Technology,she is a founding member of a non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska called The 1895 Project, and is a member of the group Ladies of Success founded by Nene Leakes. In addition to her many adventures, she is an advocate for the young female aspiring entrepreneurs where she founded Haus of HER which is dedicated to the empowerment of women in all industries.   

Pam Motivassinlani

Pam Motivasilani

Pamela Motevasselani grew up in Boise, Idaho and migrated to San Diego, California in 1981, where she completed her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Information Systems. After 8 years with General Dynamics, then 30 years with Sharp HealthCare*, she retired in May 2023.

Throughout her career, Pam held positions in Information Systems including IS Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and Manager of 2 different IS departments. Pamela’s peers have described her as a talented leader that leverages each team members’ strengths and interests to achieve effective outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Pamela counts her husband Saied of 45 years and two adult children as her highest blessings. She speaks Farsi, enjoys skiing, reading, gardening and traveling.

Abby Hungwe is the Managing Director of Owl & Panther.

Abby Hungwe

Abby Hungwe is the Managing Director of Owl & Panther. She relocated to Tucson as an asylum seeker from Zvishavane, Zimbabwe. She completed her graduate studies at Southern Arkansas University, and is passionate about community building and community education. Her role at Owl & Panther helps her fulfill this passion. As someone who has also experienced severe trauma, and various levels of loss and grief in her adult life, Abby recognizes the value of healing-centered engagement in the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Therefore, she actively seeks out opportunities to practice as well as promote kindness and compassion.